The 5-Day Fasting Simulation Protocol
Guide, Menu & Recipes

Enjoy Feasting on Delicious, Nutrient Dense, Whole Foods
while Experiencing the Benefits of Fasting!

~ 5-Day Fasting Simulation Retreats ~
~ Craving Wholeness Support Community ~
~ Private & Group Cooking Classes ~
~ Personalized Menus ~
~ Custom Recipes ~
A Whole Food, Plant-Based, Ecological Food Philosophy
A Soy, Gluten, Wheat, Grains, Sugar & Legume Free
Anti-Inflammatory Foodology ~ Nurturing Your Whole Being
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Your diet is not
only what you eat. It's what
you watch, what you listen to,
what you ready, the people you
hang around ... be mindful of the
things you put into your body
emotionally, spiritually
and physically.

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